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Teaching With Slides

by Kevin Patton

Teaching With SlidesResources for Effective Presentations

Episode 119

light-skinned person with close-up of blue eyes

Minding the Mind’s Eye in Slides

Phantasia, Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia
Images and Text in Slides
Feedback on Abortion Misconceptions


Episode 116

Olfactory bulb

Why Anatomy & Physiology Students Need Sectional Anatomy

Expiration Dates / Deadlines
Slide Tricks (Again)
Book Club: I Am Multitudes
Finding Media

Episode 96

person doing trick on skateboard

Even More Slide Tricks!

Proper Use of Terminology
Terrific Title Slides
Much More!

Episode 95

silhouette of a person doing a handstand with a skateboard

More Slide Tricks

Effective Teaching Presentations
Using Text with Images
Effective Use of Images

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Episode 89


Smooth Teaching with Slides

Brain’s Background Noise
How Exercise Affects Immunity
Blood Marker for Longevity
Mitochondria During Cell Division

Episode 66


Slides Serve the Story of A&P

Fumbling First Try
Protein Folding Game

Episode 48


The Storytelling Special

Classic segments from past episodes

Episode 28

Using Media in Our A&P Course – Advice From Barbara Waxer

Update on gene numbers
New sensory structure in the gut

Episode 19


Caring for Students Helps Them Succeed

Giving lecture slides to students
Sleeping in on weekends

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