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Syllabus Episodes

by Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor PodcastSyllabus Episodes

Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio)
for anatomy & physiology faculty
is hosted by award-winning
A&P professor & author
Dr. Kevin Patton

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Toll-free: 1·833·LION·DEN (1·833·546·6336)
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Episode 75

chalk board with "course syllabus"

The Syllabus Special

Classic & Fresh Episodes
about the Course Syllabus



Episode 120

tubes of yellow, red, blue, black paint

Anatomy & Physiology Syllabus: It’s an Art

Influencing the Course Culture
Illustrating the Syllabus
Inviting Inclusion
Trimming Long Syllabi

Episode 123

random pieces of wood printer's type

Fonts, Syllabi, and Poop

Promoting Course Culture Beyond the Syllabus
Poop Songs Go Viral
Do Dysfluent Fonts Promote Learning?

Episode 88

rope network

The Proper Order of Topics in A&P

Competitive Leaderboards
Student Feeling of Teaching Themselves

Transcripts & captions supported by
The American Association for Anatomy. 
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This podcast is sponsored by the
Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
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Episode 106

scattered alphabet cutouts with red filter

Ungrading with Standards Based Grading

Chat with Staci Johnson
Book Club

Episode 103

scattered plastic letters: A, B, C, etc.

Grading for Proficiency

Pitfalls of Averaging Scores
Foundational Concepts
Example of Proficiency Grading
Book Club

Episode 108

Colleagues giving a fist bump

The Inclusive Anatomy & Physiology Course | Part 1

Diversity & Inclusion
Accessible Resources
Inclusive Syllabus & Terminology
Preferred Pronouns & Names

Episode 109

4 people, arm in arm, with T shirts printed with "Volunteer"

The Inclusive Anatomy & Physiology Course | Part 2

Inclusive office hours
Student interest survey
Invisible challenges
Practice Love

Episode 61

two speech balloons, one with an a questionmark and one with an exclamationmark,

The Prerequisite Problem in the A&P Course

Transplant Genomes
Biological Effects from Wi-Fi

Episode 81

security agent on escalator

The Cheater! Academic Integrity in Remote Learning

Culture of Integrity
Anti-Cheating Strategies
Consequences of Cheating

Episode 87

medal or badge with red ribbon

Micro-Credentials & Gamification

Brown & Black Skin
Refresher Tests

Episode 57

fire extinguisher inside

Warnings & Safety Tips in the A&P Syllabus

HAPS Travel Awards
Preview Episodes
Nuzzel Newsletter

Episode 50

person using laptop

Connecting in The Distance Course Special

Classic segments on student retention, success, & course completion

Episode 54


Revisiting A&P Learning Outcomes

Vaccination Timing
Forgetting Neurons

Episode 33

Testing Frequency in the A&P Course

Krista Rompolski calls in
Red-hair genes
Building the somatosensory map
Preview episodes

Episode 6

viewing a preview presentation

Give Your Course a Half Flip with a Twist

New blood test for concussions
Color of pens used for grading

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