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The Silent Teacher – A Conversation with Aaron Fried | Episode 29

by Kevin Patton

The Silent Teacher – A Conversation with Aaron Fried

TAPP Radio Episode 29

Quick Take

0:43 | Why is this podcast loud?
3:56 | AAA now funds episode transcripts
5:58 | The TAPP app & your homework assignment
11:50 | Featured: The Silent Teacher (the human body donor)

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earbuds1 | How Loud Should a Podcast Be?

3 minutes

This podcast may sound a bit louder (maybe a lot louder) than some other podcasts. The reason is that it’s required for some podcast outlets. And for those of us who are hearing impaired, it works better because a low-volume podcast sometimes can’t be turned up enough for us to hear it.



American Association of Anatomists

2 | AAA Supports Transcripts for This Podcast

2 minutes

The American Association of Anatomists (AAA or “triple-A”) is now sponsoring the searchable transcripts available with episodes of this podcast. I’m a member of AAA, why don’t you join me?

  • anatomy.org (AAA’s website, where you can explore resources and check out the membership options)



3 | The TAPP App and Your Homework Assignment

6 minutes

TAPP app directions

The TAPP (The A&P Professor) app has many features:

  • Car/bike mode that rotates your screen to display larger playback controls while driving
  • Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere
  • Always updated with the latest episodes—and an archived back catalog
  • Playback resume (when interrupted by a call, a student drops by, or other distraction)
  • Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like call, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter (but not carrier pigeon)
  • Playback controls like continuous play, Speed Control, Repeat On/Off, and Sleep Timer
  • BONUS content, such as sample handouts and other resources

It’s a great way to share this podcast with colleagues. Just ask them to go to their device’s app store, which everyone knows how to do—even if they don’t know how to access a podcast. Plus, they get the great functionality of the app!

Your homework assignment: share this podcast with ONE other A&P colleague before the next episode arrives.


Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp4 | The Silent Teacher—A Conversation with Aaron Fried

25 minutes

Aaron Fried, A&P faculty at Mohawk Valley Community College and national speaker on human body donation and anatomists in Nazi Germany, joins Kevin for a lively discussion of the value of “the silent teacher”—the human body donor—in teaching human structure. This chat touches on the value of respect and appreciation of human donors, proper implementation of human remains such as skeletons in A&P courses, and how that respect should extend to reproductions of human specimens.

This is the first of two conversations with Aaron Fried. The next episode (Episode 30) will delve more deeply into the anatomy illustrations produced by anatomists in Nazi Germany and the many ethical questions surrounding their continued use in anatomy labs around the world.

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To read a complete transcript of this episode, click here.
The searchable transcript for this episode is sponsored by The American Association of Anatomists.
American Association of Anatomists

human skull

Preview of Episode 30

Host Kevin Patton previews the content of The Nazi Anatomists, featuring another chat with Aaron Fried.

There’s more…including a small bit of bonus content to make the full episode more meaningful to listeners…including a recommendation from The A&P Professor Book Club.


This preview is an experiment. Do you like having a preview? Do you like the “bonus content” that goes beyond a simple preview? Or has it ruined your life?
Let me know:

There’s upcoming news about this podcast’s relationship with the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS)!

book cover, The Silent Teacher

The A&P Professor Book Club has a new recommendation in this preview:

The Silent Teacher: The Gift of Body Donation
by Dr. Claire Smith
(paperback available in UK)

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