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49 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses | Episode 21

by Kevin Patton

TAPP Radio Episode 21

49 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

Quick Take

0:41 | Transcripts, captioned audiograms, other news & updates
7:58 | Introduction to featured topic
9:13 | Featured: 49 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses
33:00 | How to reach this podcast

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1 | Transcripts, Captioned Audiograms, Other News & Updates

7.5 minutes

We’ve reached 5,000 downloads because of your kind support! All TAPP Radio episodes have a full transcript, useful for reading along or searching for specific content. Captioned audiograms of all episodes are now available on The A&P Professor YouTube channel. There are many ways to listen!cover image for YouTube audiogram


2 | Introduction of Featured Topic

1 minute

It’s too long for one episode, so Kevin will cover the featured topic in three episodes: 21 (this one), 22, and 23.


3 | 49 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

32.5 minutes

person using laptop

Online courses are notorious for high dropout rates and high failure rates, compared to traditional face-to-face classes. Kevin shares a bunch (perhaps not exactly 49) strategies he has found to work in creating and nurturing the kinds of connections that help retain students and support their success in the course.


4 | How to Reach this Podcast

1 minute

Call or write! Really. Any time.

  • 1-833-LION-DEN or 1-833-546-6336
  • podcast@theAPprofessor.org

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Last updated: February 24, 2023 at 16:12 pm

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