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Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&P | Episode 13

by Kevin Patton

TAPP Radio Episode 13

Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&P

Quick Take

0:46 | The term meatus is a weird word
3:31 | Convenient ways to subscribe
5:19 | Featured topic: playfulness and analogies in storytelling

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1 | Meatus is a Weird Word

3 minutes

The term meatus is properly pluralized as meatus or meatuses (not meati)


2 | Subscribing is Easy

2 minutes

There are a lot of options for convenient listening to this podcast!

3 | Playfulness & Seriousness

14 minutes

The previous episode (TAPP 12) explained Kevin’s view that effective A&P teachers are good storytellers. This episode “continues the story” by discussing analogies. Analogies can be stories that help students understand complex concepts. Sometimes, they are most effective when they are playful, which helps engage students and makes the stories easy to remember. Kevin relates his use of “phosphorylation frogs” in a story that can be referred to every time ATP generation comes up in the course. What are the pros and cons of using analogies?

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Last updated: January 6, 2021 at 10:31 am

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